Among the many shotgun sports at Prairie Grove are the six regulation skeet fields. On these we are able to throw American skeet, International skeet, and Modern skeet. All our skeet fields are lighted for night shooting.
We throw American trap, doubles trap, and modified international trap. Our trap fields are 
lighted for night shooting.
We can challenge you or let you off easy, depending on whether you choose the "No Whining" or the "Whining" course. We have a wide range of target presentations with over 48 shooting stations on two separate courses. You can shoot over water, under a tower, from a variety of decks, in the woods, or in the meadow.

We offer two 5-stand courses with a variety
of changing targets. 

Our mini-clays present a unique shooting experience over a small lake with 5 shooting stations and 10-12 traps. This 25-bird course offers the convenience of 5-stand with the variety of a sporting clays course.

Both our 5-stand and mini-clays are lighted
for night shooting.